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Welcome to the PIOM 2012 web page, event on methods and techniques, attitudes and behaviour, research and development principles of Operations and Continuous Improvement Management. We trust PIOM2011Conference will deliver you valuable experience, no matter what your level of knowledge is. Enjoy a full day forum of learning, networking, collaborating and sharing experience, ideas, andsolutions. Take the opportunity to meet different people from different cultures, from differentsectors, with identical values and aims to do better now and in the future.
The PIOM second edition will be held on 13th November 2012
Public Research Center Henri Tudor organises yearly PIOM conferences in Luxembourg to encourage the communication between professionals and researchers in the fields of both production and service development, service systems and service processes. Supported by the National Research Fund (FNR),PIOM 2011 (Performance Improvement & Operations Management) held altogether 16 sessions, that attracted 120 participants, revealing the fundamental changes the organisations are facing today.
The Conference is not about a single approach or methodology, but provides a forum for exchange experiences and ideas on the use of management approaches, methods, techniques and tools between researchers and practitioners.
This year the conference PIOM (Performance Improvement & Operations Management) will be organized in partnership with the Luxembourg Movement for Quality within the Luxembourgish week of Quality.

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